There is an excitement and positivity in the air and we know that everyone is excited about getting back to normal routines, however due to the pandemic what will be the new normal?

The restrictions are slowly being lifted and Noble Park Community Centre is able to re-open, the week beginning 13th July, 2020.  This will give staff time to prepare the building ready for your return.

The Committee of Governance, management, and staff have been working together to develop a reopening plan, developing policies and procedures to manage the risk for everyone.

We know and understand that everyone is eager to return, but we need to be careful to ensure that everyone is kept safe and that we do not have a second outbreak.  It would be very easy to say everyone can return now but we need to air on the side of caution to ensure that we can manage and contain any spread of this disease.

The rooms have all been measured and program/activity numbers have allocated, after applying the social distancing rules.  Some groups may not be in the same room as it may be to small once we apply the social distancing rules so please be patient with us. 

Staff are collecting and collating data from all program/activity leaders to ensure we maintain our limits of people in the building.  It is critical for you to return the information as quickly as possible.
We are planning a 3 Phase return:

  • Phase 1 with all educational programs returning the week beginning 13th July
  • Phase 2 will start on the 27th July and all going well
  • Phase 3 will start the week beginning 13th August, 2020

Group leaders will be notified by email as to which rooms they will have and the dates and times of their program returns.

Each group leader will be asked to attend an Induction Session prior to their return as there are a number of requirements and staff will need to ensure that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities to work with us to minimise a second outbreak.

We are taking every precaution to protect our vulnerable communities and if we all work together we can all get back to our new normal life.

If you have any questions, please ring us on 9547 5801 or email

Noble Park Community Centre

Updated: Tuesday 23rd June, 2020 9:44am


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